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My name is Julie Benbassat and I’m an illustrator, painter, avid sketchbook/ sketch scrap user, and passionate soup lover based in Philadelphia, PA. After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2019, I have worked for a variety of clients in editorial, publishing, games and animation.

This space will feature a variety of things that make up my studio practice, including:

  • Sketchbook scans

  • Behind the scenes photos and drawings

  • Upcoming projects

  • Comics

  • Answering your questions

  • Inspirations & reference resources

  • Things that spark joy

  • And more

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Curious about upcoming and current books?
Check them with at these links!

Untitled (Winter 2026)
Tove Grows a Tree
(Fall 2025) written by Larissa Theule
There’s That Sun Again (Fall 2024) written by MK Smith Despres
The Book From Far Away (Fall 2023)  written by Bruce Handy 
The Screaming Hairy Armadillo (2020) written by Matthew & Steve Murrie
You be You! (2019) written by Jonathan Branfman
The Merms of May (2019) personal zine

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A nook for sketchbook pages, process pictures, comic blurbs, and the little things that spark inspiration by illustrator Julie Benbassat


Julie Benbassat is an illustrator, painter, and avid soup enthusiast This is her blog for posting sketches, thought process, comics, and more!